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vintage made modern

Milina Footwear (pr: mee-lee-nuh) is a style driven footwear brand rooted in vintage aesthetic with a modern sensibility that offers high quality, USA made leather and wood footwear for vintage and modern fashionistas alike.

Capsule Sandal in White, Black & Tan.

Capsule Sandal in White, Black & Tan.


bridge between past & future

Born out of both a love for vintage footwear and a frustration over the lack of great modern shoe options, we were driven to make the shoes we wanted to see in the world. Our footwear line is inspired by a special pair of vintage 1970’s sandals that embody everything we love to see in footwear—comfort, glamor, femininity, versatility and utmost simplicity. Unable to find anything modern that was even remotely similar to this original vintage pair, we wanted to fill the void we saw in the footwear industry with our visionary design.

Our footwear is inspired by vintage aesthetic but designed to keep up with the functionality of modern life while also seamlessly fitting into a variety of wardrobes and styles. Crafted from high quality leather and reclaimed wood, carefully cut to reveal the foot in the most flattering way, highly versatile and altogether minimal in its design, Milina Footwear effectively embodies the essence of a holy grail shoe. Our goal is to make every wearer feel their utmost, stylish best when wearing our footwear.



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