The Journal

Testimonials from our Kickstarter backers on the beauty, comfort & overall magic of the Capsule Sandal—


Danielle M.

The leather stretched out so wonderfully. I can’t believe I get to wear something YOU created. Something so beautiful. I’m so proud of you!


“These sandals are so perfect and you should be so proud of what you’ve created here! They’re honestly the shoe I’ve needed FOREVER but could never find, until now!” — Jasmine H.

“These sandals are gorgeous, soft and yet still have enough structure to not leave you a wobbly mess. They’re truly the most comfortable sandal that also oozes subtle sexiness. They’re so wearable with just about any summer outfit.” — Katie S.


Adriana C.

Wore my sandals right out of the box for a full night of dancing and they did not disappoint!


"Every outfit I’ve not had shoes to go with is now being solved by this sandal!” — Victoria W.

“This sandal was SO needed. I truly hate buying new sandals but my beloved vintage ones are forever on their last legs, so this is the perfect idea!” — Corinn C.


Casey K.

Sonja has done such an amazing job designing these—exactly the right front foot coverage, long straps that stay tied, wedge heel with just the right height and a super soft footbed. I wore these right out of the box for a 10-hour shift on my feet and had no pain. I’m hard on shoes so comfortable and beautiful is something I search long and hard to find. Well done, Milina Footwear!


“I’m absolutely smitten with my new sandals. They are adorable, flattering, just the right amount of toe cleavage, and they go with everything!” — Lauren W.

“So light and comfortable and I love how the leather ties are soft and pliable; they don’t cut into your skin at all!” — Jasmine K.


Lily R.

These sandals are freaking precious! I put them on and my hubby said “super sexy! Like lingerie for your feet!


“When mine arrived to my parent’s house my mom immediately stole them, without ever having seen Milina Footwear before, and has been wearing them!” — Claire K.

“I wore my sandals for an entire day for the first time. After walking on gravel, roads, lawns, standing most of the day, and then finishing things up with an unplanned 100 yard dash, I have to say these are incredibly comfortable!” — Elizabeth C.


Kristina A.

These sandals literally go with everything. I’m a happy girl!


“Got my sandals! Love them and they’re very beautiful. Even my boyfriend was impressed!” — Denise A.

“I was so excited about my sandals I had to wear them straight out of the box!” — Gina M.


Monica S.

Sonja I am in awe of you. You have created the cutest, most comfortable pair of shoes that I own and I can’t thank you enough.


“The most stunning, gorgeously crafted pair of sandals I’ve ever owned. I’m incredibly proud of you for making this dream a reality!” — Milina J.

“Been living in my Milina Footwear sandals ever since they arrived. They go with everything in my closet!” — Maribel M.


Lisa K.M.

I am so excited! My Milina Footwear sandals are just darling. They remind me of my ballet slippers, only vastly more comfortable.


“Stepping out in my new Capsule Sandal from Milina Footwear! I have to say, my feet are usually complete wusses when it comes to new shoes. But I’ve prancing around in these puppies for hours and not a blister in sigh! So I might need the white. Or the tan…OR BOTH!” — Kara S.

“I can’t say enough good things about these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable, the heel gives me just the right amount of extra height, and they go with everything I own. I have been wearing them for two weeks straight!” — Elle W.


Melissa F.

Been practically living in my Capsule Sandals that Sonja absolutely knocked out of the park on design. Hoofed all over Costco on those unforgiving concrete floors yesterday and they were comfortable and stylish and the ties around your ankles make your legs look leaner and longer.


“My Capsule Sandal has truly made everything in my closet feel fresh again, and their versatility goes above and beyond what I expected. I’m thrilled!” — Karen S.

“This design is incredibly stunning. They were so nice in pictures, and even better in real life!” — Sarah M.


Molly F.

These sandals are SO adorable! You should be so proud of what you’ve created here!


“You should be very pleased with yourself. You’ve made my monster feet look so cute!” — Emilie H.

“The ties STAY TIED all day long! I am so impressed. I’ve owned a lot of shoes that tie around the ankle, but none stay put as well as the Capsule Sandal. Plus, those pointed ends and stitching make them look SO nice! I love all the small details on this gorgeous sandal.” — Kasondra W.


Rose B.

They’re beautifully subtle and sweet, so they pair with anything. But the best thing about them is how comfortable they are! They’re the ultimate traveling shoe because you can wear them with anything and walk for miles. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style!


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